Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Founding Parametric Parts: The vision

Why  Parametric Parts?

Parametric Parts will be a platform to produce objects for 3d printing... But in a much more efficient way than cataloging STL files.

Would you have a printer at home if the only things you could print had to be created in Adobe Photoshop?  If you are a business, the answer might be "yes", but for most people the answer is "no".

Most people don't' have the time and money to learn Adobe Photoshop or Quark. But the game changes completely with a "productivity" package like Microsoft Office because it becomes easy enough to create content that many users can afford the learning curve.  The productivity is worth much more than the limitations on what you can create.

That's why the vast majority of content printed on home printers was produced with Microsoft Office or some other 'productivity' software.

With all the buzz lately around 3d printers, its time that we start working on making tools to get 3d content easily and quickly-- for the rest of us, not just the engineers and geeks.

That's what Parametric Parts is:  Productivity for 3D.

read more at www.parametricparts.com/docs/

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