Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Introducing ParametricParts, Productivity for 3d

Content is king, especially for 3d printing.

Meet  Parametric Parts, an alpha product we've been working on that aims to make it easier than ever to create 3d models.

Parametric Parts allows customizing, previewing, downloading, and printing 3d models with your browser.  

We're excited because we think this tool will change the way people approach 3d.  We need to stop searching for pre-build models and start making them based on the task at hand.  

2d printers showed up at home when Microsoft Office made it easy to create documents.  And we think 3d printers needs the same thing.  Productivity for 3D.

We have an alpha product up and running-- you can give it a try for free with no signup


Make sure to check out the ModelScript tab-- one key feature is a cool, fluent API for creating objects.  The sample is a pillow block with counterbored holes-- outside of definition of user parameters, its implemented in 4 lines of code.

Give it a try-- just go easy on us, its just an alpha!

Let us know what you think!  
You can reply here or email us : info@parametricparts.com

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